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MUSA: MUlti agent Simulation for consequantial Life Cycle Assessment of Agrosystems

Marvuglia, A., Gerber, P. & Stilmant, D.


Project: Research

MDYNRFC: Monitoring and Dynamics of Health Status through the risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Luxembourg

Tchicaya, A., Baumann, M., Daniel, W., van Oyen, H., Lorentz, N. & Beissel, J.


Project: Research

CB-RES: Cross border residence. Identity experiences and integration processes in the Greater Region

Gerber, P., El Maslohi, A., Klein, O., Kmec, S., Nienaber, B., van Houtum, H. & Gengler, C.


Project: Research

PersiPov: The Dynamics and Persistence of Poverty in Luxembourg

Fusco, A., Ray, J., Islam, N., Kyzyma, I., Van Kerm, P., Reinstadler, A., Ayllón, S. & Silber, J.


Project: Research

MOEBIUS: Mobilities, Environment, Behaviors, Integrated in Urban Simulation

Gerber, P., Caruso, G., Klein, O., Omrani, H., Schneider, M., Khadraoui, D., Weber, C., Toint, P., Gateau, B., Enaux, C., Ramadier, T., Barthelemy, J., Cornelius, E. & Médard de chardon, C.


Project: Research