Comportement financier et de consommations des ménages frontaliers

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The Household Finance and Consumption Survey - Cross-Border Workers (HFCS-XB) is complementary to the Euro Area harmonized Household Finance and Consumption Survey for residents (HFCS-R).In 2018, the Central Bank of Luxembourg (BCL) in collaboration with LISER will carry out the third wave of HFCS-XB (previous waves were carried out in 2010 and 2014).The main purpose of this HFCS-XB is to assess the financial and consumption behavior of households of cross border workers in Luxembourg. The results of this cross-border household survey contribute to a better understanding of regional aspects of the labor market, social inequalities, and household debt, and thus, contributes to BCL's missions in the area of ??price stability and financial stability.It is a web-survey submitted to 15 000 resident households of the Greater Region of Luxembourg (outside of Luxembourg) in which at least one member works in Luxembourg.
AcronymHFCS XB
Effective start/end date3/02/173/03/20


  • Banque Centrale du Luxembourg