Inequality of Opportunity: Measurement, Evolution and Mechanisms

Project Details


This project is a visiting research proposal aiming at the secondment of one of LISER’s senior researcher, Alessio Fusco, at the World Bank Development Research Group in Washington D.C. during the academic year 2020/2021.
The objectives of this scientific stay initiative are three-fold: (i) research actions, (ii) capacity building and (iii) institutional networking.
Research actions are the primary focus of the planned scientific stay. They build upon Alessio Fusco’s research agenda and contribute to its development by taking advantage of the expertise of and collaboration with World Bank researchers. The main project will revolve around the thematic of ‘Inequality of Opportunity: Measurement, Evolution and Mechanisms’ which has gained popularity over the last decades in both academic and policy circles and is highly relevant for Luxembourg. Using newly released data, the seconded fellow will analyse the causal effect of circumstances on individuals’ achievements, the long-term evolution and dynamics of inequality of opportunity in Europe and how access to basic opportunities and geographical aspects during childhood interact with other input, such as parental background, to form opportunities. In addition to this main project, research activities will cover topics within the area of ‘public policies, welfare and socio-economic inequalities’ such as intergenerational transmission of education, well-being measurement (e.g. shared prosperity or multidimensional poverty) or social protection policy evaluation. These topics are all at the intersect of the ‘poverty and inequality’ research groups’ agenda of both LISER and the World Bank and part of the newly defined Luxembourg National Research Priorities.
Integration of the seconded fellow in the vivid, broader academic community in Washington D.C., planned participation in the World Bank and Georgetown Center of Econometric Practice training programmes, as well as a short research visit at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, will contribute to enhancing the future research capacity of the seconded fellow in research areas of key priority for LISER.
Finally, the secondment will be an opportunity to establish long-term partnership between LISER and the World Bank for research collaboration.
Effective start/end date1/06/2231/12/23


  • Inequality of opportunity
  • Intergenerational transmission of income and education
  • Well-being measurement
  • GDIM
  • Poverty