RESCOM - LISER Research Seminar Series

Project Details


The LISER RSS's primary objective is to stimulate debate about frontier research on topics that are relevant for LISER and the national scientific landscape. The series will consist of 30 seminars throughout calendar year 2022. During each event, one internationally recognized guest speaker will deliver a 90-minute talk about a recent unpublished research project on topics that are of key relevance for LISER departments. Topics of RSS cover broad domains of public economics, analysis of inequality and its consequences, labor economics, migration, urban economics and planning, borders integration and cross-border mobility, and health. These topics are relevant to LISER researchers and a range of other national research actors, including the University of Luxembourg. RSS speakers have been selected based on their academic excellence, publication record in relation to career stage, involvement in international projects, and membership to editorial boards of international scientific journals. Attention has been paid to strike a balance of established senior researchers, promising junior faculty, and well-connected researchers from top institutions in Europe and abroad. Gender balance has emerged naturally from this process. The Scientific Committee for the RSS is composed of LISER's Director, two representatives from each of LISER's three departments (one junior and one senior researcher), and the three joint LISER-University of Luxembourg professors - each of whom are located within different departments. This gives an equal voice to each Management, INSEDE and the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Luxembourg. The Scientific Committee will guarantee smooth organization of the visits through their handling of administrative necessities and advertisement of the event (in collaboration with the LISER communication officer).
To foster discussion and interactions between the guest and the staff, seminars consist of : (i) an institutional welcome by LISER management representatives, (II) a structured seminar, (iii) a lunch open to seminar attendees, (iv) a series of one-on-one meetings between researchers and the guest, and (v) a dinner with the speaker and selected guests. This plan is modeled after the norms of the best research departments in Europe and meets the same standards. Financial support through the RESCOM scheme will guarantee adequate coverage of costs arising from the invitations and will give both national and international visibility to the series.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/22