Skills and Labour Markets in the Digital and Green Transition

Project Details


The UPSKILL project lies at the intersection of a triple challenge: the need for a green transition, a competitive and socially harmonious digital transformation of the economy, and an adequate and proactive up- and reskilling of the workforce. Studying the impact of the digital and green transitions on the labor market and society, UPSKILL contributes frontier research and provides practical solutions to foster a responsible and sustainable development for Luxembourg. UPSKILL addresses an urgent knowledge gap regarding the dynamics between technology and skills in the Luxembourgish and European labour markets. Closing this gap requires tools to support decision-makers in tackling the job and skill challenges ahead and in promoting sustainable and inclusive growth. UPSKILL has a strong focus on using big data and dataanalytic tools in real time, with the aim of developing practical and technical solutions for the tracking of emerging skill needs and gaps, for a better matching between employers and workers, and for the design of suitable to support the digital and green transition of the economy and society. To achieve that, UPSKILL brings together national and international experts on AI, data infrastructure and the labour market. A skills observatory provides up-to-date information on emerging skill needs as well as tools and strategies to increase the benefits and adaptability of the labour market. The skills observatory guides policy-makers and stakeholders to develop vocational curricula and up- and reskilling programs targeting job seekers and the workforce more broadly in order to anticipate skill gaps, support economic groups and prevent unemployment. UPSKILL builds on and complements ongoing efforts to link Luxembourgish administrative data (National Data Platform). UPSKILL’s data infrastructure allows managing, interconnecting and analysing big data, administrative data and survey-based data from Luxembourg and Europe. Furthermore, UPSKILL brings together labour market specialists with data and computer scientists in a research group dedicated to the development and diffusions of big data and AI methods for the social sciences. The data infrastructure and skills observatory, together with LISER’s proven capacity to transfer knowledge to public decision-makers, the private sector, and civil society, provide the perfect basis to shape the public debate and achieve influential political impact at the national and European level.
Effective start/end date1/12/2231/05/23


  • Digital transition
  • green transition
  • labour market
  • skill
  • lifelong learning
  • big data
  • AI