Study on the feasibility of a child guarantee for vulnerable children

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The Commission considers it necessary to clarify the potential scope of the concept of a child guarantee by exploring the feasibility and analyzing the conditions for the implementation of a guarantee scheme. This will be done by focussing on four specific groups of socially vulnerable children that are known to be particularly exposed to poverty and wellbeing risks. These groups are : (i) children living in precarious family situations, (ii) children residing in institutions, (iii) children of recent migrants and refugees, and (iv) children with disabilities and other children with special needs.
The overall objective of the contract is to organise the performance of the tasks to be carried out under the Project in order to prepare a detailed comprehensive study exploring what would be the most effective strategy for the competent authorities to realise a child guarantee in practice.
AcronymChild Guarantee
Effective start/end date27/09/1826/03/20


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