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Günther Schmaus, Adrian Birch, Antoine Haag, Anne Villeret, Stijn Lefebure

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There are 7 National Panels as constitutive parts of the CHER micro database (i.e. GSOEP for Germany; BHPS for the United Kingdom; PSELL for Luxembourg; HBS for Poland; HHS for Hungary; PSBH for Belgium, SHP for Switzerland and PSID for USA). Responsible persons for implementing their own National Panels (except for USA) were assigned to the transformation procedures into the CHER designed format of their National Panels. Thus, the harmonization process has been undertaken by experts knowing the state of the art of their own activity. Information for the other countries was taken out of the ECHP dataset. Responsible persons doing the ECHP transformation shared the work into topics in which they have expertise in, and took action into the construction of CHER's satellite databases (meta, macro and context data).
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Publication statusPublished - 2003

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