COST Action - Determinants of Physical ActivitieS in Settings

Détails du projet


To articulate a Best Evidence Statement (BESt) and a new EN-PAD framework regarding the key setting specific individual and environmental determinants of PABs that should be prioritised and targeted within research, public policies and interventions (WG2).
 To formulate setting specific guidelines on how the key determinants can be modified and how this knowledge can be addressed in public policies and interventions (WG2).
 Develop a valid PABs determinant profile measurement toolkit that optimally predicts PABs across gender, life course and socio-economic groups and in different settings (WG3).
 To provide proof of concept for the harmonisation and analysis of future European cross-sectional and longitudinal data collection which involves objectively measured PABs and their associated determinants (WG4).
L'acronymeCOST - DE-PASS
statutEn cours d'exécution
Les dates de début/date réelle1/04/2031/03/23


  • European Commission