• Sologon, Denisa (PI)
  • Valentova, Marie (CoI)
  • Symonds, Jennifer (Partner PI)
  • Pollock, Gary (Contracting Partner)
  • Ecchia, Giulio (Contracting Partner)
  • Babarovic, Toni (Contracting Partner)
  • Salmela-Aro, Katariina (Contracting Partner)
  • Panico, Lidia (Contracting Partner)
  • Walper, Sabine (Contracting Partner)
  • Spiess, Katharina (Contracting Partner)
  • Weber, Wiebke (Contracting Partner)
  • Das, Marcel (Contracting Partner)
  • Currie, Candace (Contracting Partner)
  • Nicaise, Ides (Contracting Partner)
  • Mortelmans, Dimitri (Contracting Partner)
  • Saar, Ellu (Contracting Partner)
  • Koronaiou, Alexandra (Contracting Partner)
  • Csoba, Judit (Contracting Partner)
  • Stasulane, Anita (Contracting Partner)
  • Cefai, Carmel (Contracting Partner)
  • Skalicka, Vera (Contracting Partner)
  • de Almeida Alves, Nuno (Contracting Partner)
  • Mihalik, Jaroslav (Contracting Partner)
  • Gornik, Barbara (Contracting Partner)
  • Bousselin, Audrey (CoI)
  • Guio, Anne-Catherine (CoI)
  • Marlier, Eric (CoI)
  • Kruten, Thierry (CoI)
  • Lomos, Catalina (CoI)
  • Peluso, Eugenio (CoI)

Détails du projet


LISER Task part of WP4: promoting the value of the GUIDE project in Luxembourg, with the aims of identifying a national survey lead and securing funding for the fieldwork.
statutEn cours d'exécution
Les dates de début/date réelle1/10/2230/09/26