Transboundary Micropllution Regulation in Europe: The Definition of Appropriate Management Scales An Interdisciplinary Approach

  • Sohn, Christophe (PI)
  • Ingold, Karin (Partner PI)
  • Bader, Hans-Peter (CoI)
  • Stamm, Christian (CoI)

Détails du projet


The major major aim of the project is to as-sess the mismatch between the physical extent of micropollution and the respective areas of ac-tion and policy regulation. This aim is, in essence, interdisciplinary in character: physical impact zones are assessed by a mass flow analysis of substances from urban and agricultural sources. Policy processes are then set up to define micropollution regulations, which are studied by policy analysts using a social network approach. Finally, in order to visualize the mismatch between the 'physical' and the 'political' areas, economic geographers geo-reference policy networks in space, and calculate distances among involved actors, and between actors and micropollution sources, the latter having been identified by the natural scientists.
Les dates de début/date réelle1/04/1431/03/17