Policy interventions to foster social and economic resilience and sustainability (Provisional title)

  • MARTIN, Ludivine (PI)
  • VAN KERM, Philippe (CoI)
  • OLIVERA, Javier (CoI)
  • MACHADO, Joël (CoI)
  • Lenaerts, Karolien (Partner PI)
  • Barslund, Mikkel (CoI)
  • Vandekerckhove, Sem (CoI)
  • Lenaerts, Karolien (CoI)
  • Ramioul, Monique (CoI)
  • ISLAM, Nizamul (CoI)
  • GUIO, Anne-Catherine (CoI)
  • Lewandowski, Piotr (CoI)
  • Magda, Iga (CoI)
  • Drahokoupil, Jan (CoI)
  • Palczynska, Marta (CoI)
  • Albinowski, Maciej (CoI)
  • Hartwig, Ronald (CoI)
  • Leitner, Sandra (CoI)
  • Jestl, Maryna (CoI)
  • mara, Isilda (CoI)
  • Holtgrewe, Ursula (CoI)
  • Vana, Irina (CoI)
  • Koller, Kathari,a (CoI)
  • Perugini, Cristiano (CoI)
  • Pompei, Fabrizio (CoI)
  • Venturini, Francesco (CoI)
  • Castellani, Davide (CoI)
  • Siegloch, Sebastian (CoI)
  • Abrell, Jan (CoI)
  • Ungerer, Martin (CoI)
  • Rausch, Sebastian (CoI)
  • Markiewicz, Olga (CoI)
  • Zarkovic, Jelena (CoI)
  • Arandarenko, Miahil (CoI)
  • Vladisavljevic, Marko (CoI)
  • Avlijas, Sonja (CoI)
  • Anic, Aleksandra (CoI)
  • Van Hercke, Bart (CoI)
  • Peña-Casas, Ramón (CoI)
  • Ghailani, Dalila (CoI)
  • VERHEYDEN, Bertrand (CoI)
  • KRUTEN, Thierry (CoI)
  • FUSCO, Alessio (CoI)
  • NGUYEN-THI, Thuc Uyen (CoI)
  • HAURET, Laetitia (CoI)

Détails du projet


The key aspects of this Horizon Europe proposal are the following. First, we will deal with the consequences of four megatrends: demographic changes, globalisation, digitalisation and the green transition on labour market supply and demand. Second, we will deal with the effects of the trends on the labour on the welfare state and public finance The level of analysis are the labour market and welfare states, as well as companies and workers and their families. We will finally draw lessons from recent policy interventions and test policy interventions through social innovation experiments.
statutEn cours d'exécution
Les dates de début/date réelle1/09/2231/08/25


  • European Commission