Brownfield Redevelopment Challenges: A Luxembourg Example

Brano Glumac, Antoine Decoville

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Brownfield redevelopment has become a leitmotiv of urban policies aiming for environmental virtues and the revitalization of cities. Moreover, it appears to be a sustainable solution to the problem of meeting the demand for new development zones without expanding into greenfield sites. However, many obstacles can hinder the effective implementation of such projects. The current article focuses on the brownfield redevelopment policy followed in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and, more specifically, on the Belval project. It highlights its challenges, implementation modalities, public–private partnership arrangements, and also limitations in terms of citizen participation and spatialintegration.TheresultsshowthattheBelvalredevelopmentprojecthasallowedthepreservationofgreenfieldsitesfromtheequivalent of 3 years of urban expansion (550 ha).
langue originaleAnglais
Nombre de pages9
journalJournal of the Urban Planning and Development Division, ASCE
Numéro de publication2
Date de mise en ligne précoce14 mars 2020
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étatPublié - juin 2020

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