Cross-border regions

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This new international Handbook provides the reader with the most up-to-date and original viewpoints on critical debates relating to the rapidly transforming geographies of regions and territories, as well as related key concepts such as place, scale, networks and regionalism. Bringing together renowned specialists who have extensively theorized these spatial concepts and contributed to rich empirical research in disciplines such as geography, sociology, political science and IR studies, this interdisciplinary collection offers fresh, cutting-edge, and contextual insights on the significance of regions and territories in today’s dynamic world. 

langue originaleAnglais
titreHandbook on the Geographies of Regions and Territories
rédacteurs en chefAnssi Paasi, John Harrison, Martin Jones
Lieu de publicationCheltenham
EditeurEdward Elgar Publishing
Nombre de pages12
ISBN (imprimé)978-1-78536-579-9
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étatPublié - 2018

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NomResearch Handbooks in Geography series

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