Employee monitoring and surveillance: The challenges of digitalisation - Luxembourg

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New digital technologies have expanded the possibilities of employee monitoring and surveillance, both in and outside the workplace.
In the context of the increasing digitalisation of work, there are many issues related to employee monitoring that warrant the attention of policymakers. As well as the often-cited privacy and ethical concerns, there are also important implications for worker–employer relations, as digitally enabled monitoring and surveillance inevitably shift power dynamics in the workplace. Based on input from the Network of Eurofound Correspondents, this report explores the regulatory approaches to workplace monitoring in Europe, and the many challenges arising from the use of new digital technologies. Drawing from empirical and
qualitative research, the report also provides some insight into the extent of employee monitoring in Europe and the implications for job quality and work organisation.
langue originaleAnglais
titreEmployee monitoring and surveillance: The challenges of digitalisation
rédacteurs en chef Eurofound, Sara Riso
Lieu de publicationLuxembourg
EditeurPublications Office of the European Union
ISBN (Electronique)978-92-897-2123-3
ISBN (imprimé)978-92-897-2124-0
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étatPublié - 9 déc. 2020

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NomResearch Report - Working Conditions

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