How bad will the Covid-19 second wave be for Luxembourg’s economy?

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The Covid-19 second wave is hitting much of Europe. While this wave mostly affected young healthy people at its start, it is now spreading to older and more vulnerable segments of the population. It is thus with a weary sense of déjà vu that European citizens have been impacted by new packages of restrictions implemented to contain the virus and to prevent healthcare systems from being overwhelmed.
Some countries entered a new (total or partial) lockdown allowing people to leave their home only to go to work (when teleworking is not feasible) or to buy essential goods and seek medical help, banning or limiting social gatherings, prescribing curfew, shutting non-essential activities, etc. (…)
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étatPublié - 3 déc. 2020

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This article was co-written with STATEC.

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