Improving our knowledge of housing conditions at EU level

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The aim of this chapter is to study the variations between EU countries in a large range of housing problems derived from EU-SILC data and to examine to what extent these between-country differences can be explained by measurable factors, at either micro or macro level.
This chapter builds on previous research, mainly that of Borg (2015), who was the first to propose a multilevel framework to study housing deprivation across EU countries in order to examine the role of the structure and organisation of the housing
market in housing deprivation. It extends this analysis by analysing many different housing dimensions: severe housing deprivation, overcrowding, leaking roof, darkness of the dwelling and two different concepts of housing cost overburden.
langue originaleAnglais
titreImproving the understanding of poverty and social exclusion in Europe
rédacteurs en chefAnne-Catherine Guio, Eric Marlier, Brian Nolan
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étatPublié - 17 oct. 2021

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