In-work poverty and deprivation dynamics in Europe

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The most recent data show that in the EU-27 about 1 in 11 workers was AROP and about 1 in 12 workers was experiencing MSD (see Chapter 1 for the definitions of AROP and MSD).
These figures show that work shields most, but certainly not all, of those living in the EU from economic hardship. This holds true whether hardship is measured by income or in non-monetary terms.
A substantial share of workers are in-work poor or deprived, and their numbers have grown recently in many EU countries (Peña-Casas et al., 2019). This situation calls for an examination of the mechanisms that prevent working individuals from lifting their families out of being AROP and/or MSD, despite advanced economic development and the social safety nets established by European countries.
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titreImproving the understanding of poverty and social exclusion in Europe
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