Income and living conditions in Europe

Anthony Barnes Atkinson, Eric Marlier

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This book is about the incomes and living standards of the people of Europe. It treats employment, income inequality and poverty, housing, health, education, deprivation and social exclusion. The reader will learn about many of the social issues confronting Europe. How much income poverty is there in Europe? Is inequality increasing? Does a job guarantee escape from income poverty? How is Europe's welfare state coping with the economic crisis? The book is a timely contribution to the Europe 2020 Agenda as it explores ‘the new landscape of EU targets' and the implications for monitoring at EU and national levels.
langue originaleAnglais
Lieu de publicationLuxembourg
EditeurPublications Office of the European Union
Nombre de pages424
ISBN (imprimé)978-92-79-16351-7
étatPublié - 2010

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NomStatistical Books

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