Money and Finance After the Crisis. Critical Thinking for Uncertain Times Brett Christophers, Andrew Leyshon and Geoff Mann. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell, 2017. 272 pp.

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On the occasion of the GFC’s 10th anniversary in 2017, Mary Callahan Erdoes, chief executive at JPMorgan Asset & Wealth Management, announced that ‘the next unprecedented crisis will hit us unexpectedly’. Yet, when does a ‘crisis’ start and when does it end if ‘everything monetary or financial … appears to be always “in crisis”’ (p. 2)? Money and Finance after the Crisis argues that while ‘crisis’ in our capitalist system is no longer an exceptional event but ‘endemic, even constitutive’ and a ‘key [category] through which we narrate modernity’ (p. 2), ‘crisis’ as an analytical instrument and terminology ‘has lost some purchase’ (p. 2). This book addresses this gap and organizes its...
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Pages (de - à)689-690
journalJournal of Economic Geography
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étatPublié - 28 mars 2018

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