Challenges of Cross-Border Spatial Planning in the Metropolitan Regions of Luxembourg and Lille.

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The regional policy of the EU aims at harmonization and cohesion in the development of European regions. To achieve this objective, the outlying border territories are engaged in a process of territorial integration. In this context, the issue of spatial planning on both sides of the borders is one of the main challenges for the border regions. The aims of the paper, which focuses on two crossborder metropolitan areas (Luxembourg and Lille), are to study the notion of cross-border spatial planning (CBSP) and then examine its implementation. Within this perspective, a model will be put forward in order to analyse the CBSP. The results of the study show the multiplicity of difficulties encountered by planning actors when realizing cross-border development projects. To overcome these obstacles, adjustments are required.
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journalPlanning Practice and Research
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étatPublié - 12 mars 2014

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