Unpacking the concept of cross-border integration. The role of borders as a resource

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Border regions have been receiving increasing scholarly attention since the
1980s. The acceleration of the globalization of economic as well as cultural exchanges, and the consolidation of supranational integration mechanisms such
as the European Union (UE) or the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA),
have led to the increasing permeability of state borders in certain regions of the
world. Indeed, this opening up of political boundaries and their change of significance needs to be relativized in the light of the securitization of state borders
has also increased substantially over the past decade (Andreas and Biersteker,
2003). (...)
langue originaleAnglais
titreFronteras y procesos de integración regional. Estudios comparados entre América y Europa
rédacteurs en chefMaría del Rosio Barajas Escamilla, Pablo Wong-González, Nahuel Oddone
Lieu de publicationMexico
EditeurEl Colegio de la Frontera Norte
ISBN (imprimé)9786074791846
étatPublié - 2015

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