PROactive Policy-making for Equal Lives

Détails du projet


In addition, the PROPEL project will formally contract with the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) to engage in assessments of potential housing policy interventions. Within LISER, the Living Conditions Department analyses inequalities of income and wealth, and the Urban and Mobility Department analyses how land, property markets, and housing policy function. The PROPEL projects fits squarely within each initiative. In addition to assessing current housing policy, the project proposes to reach out to localities and elected officials to develop policy interventions within the housing market in order to assess the effect of housing policy on inequality. It will then analyse these policy interventions through tools such as surveys, focus groups, and other forms of data collection. These tasks will be conducted in collaboration with LISER, and with the goal of analysing and distributing policy findings to both the Luxembourg policy community and the broader EU policy community. While the interventions will be conducted in Luxembourg, the findings may have international applicability.

In sum, the PROPEL project engages with the European and International Law priority pillar of excellence through its focus on Member State and EU laws regarding housing and inequality. It will collaborate with the Institute of Political Science and the Robert Schuman Institute on both substantive research and outreach, and it will collaborate with LISER to develop, deploy, and analyse policy interventions in the area of housing. In doing so it contributes to a number of important strategic initiatives across the University and the broader Luxembourg research community.
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