Inter-generational transmission of poverty: What it is, why it matters and how to tackle it

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This paper begins by outlining what is meant by poverty and inter-generational transmission of poverty (IGTP), and why tackling child poverty must be central to combating IGTP. It then sets out the reasons why IGTP matters both to children and the wider society. Finally, it makes various recommendations that could usefully be considered to combat IGTP. These cover ensuring adequate income and resources, guaranteeing access to quality essential services (health, nutrition, housing, early childhood education and care, family support, education, as well as sport, culture and leisure) and to integrated delivery of policies and programmes, promoting children’s participation and fostering children’s aspirations, protecting the right to a family life, and fighting discrimination and stigmatisation.
langue originaleAnglais
Lieu de publicationBruxelles
ÉditeurEuropean Social Observatory
Nombre de pages68
étatPublié - 21 oct. 2021

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