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Eric Marlier has been the International Scientific Coordinator of the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER, former CEPS/INSTEAD) since 2002. Before joining LISER, he worked for the Belgian Government (Private office of the Minister for Social Affairs and Pensions), the European Commission (Eurostat), and the private sector.

Since he started his career (1988), Eric has been involved in a number of research projects commissioned by the European Commission, the United Nations (UNDESA, UNESCO, UNICEF), the OECD, the World Bank, the Council of Europe and various national Governments. He is used to managing large-scale research networks in the fields of social policy and social statistics. Between 2005 and 2014, he coordinated the “European Network of Independent Experts on Social Inclusion” (ENIESI) and since 2014 he has managed the “European Social Policy Network” (ESPN). Between 2008 and 2020, he was in charge of the EU-funded “Network for the analysis of the EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC)” (Net-SILC). He was a member of the World Bank’s Commission on Global Poverty chaired by Sir Tony Atkinson (2015-2016). He was a member of the scientific board of the French “National Observatory for Poverty and Social exclusion (ONPES)” until it was merged, in 2020, with the French National Council for poverty against poverty and social exclusion (CNLE); he has now joined the scientific committee of CNLE.

Eric’s strong commitment to better understanding and improving the situation of children has led him to chair the EU Task-Force on Child Poverty and Well-Being (2007), to take part in the drafting of the 2012 “SPC Advisory Report” that helped the European Commission prepare the 2013 EU Recommendation on Investing in children, to co-author (with Hugh Frazer) two European reports relating to this Recommendation (the 2013/4 ENIESI Synthesis Report and the 2017 ESPN Synthesis Report), to contribute to some UNICEF Report Cards, etc. In 2018-2019, he was the Project Manager of the first phase of the EU “Feasibility Study for a European Child Guarantee”; and in 2019-2020, the Project Manager of the second phase of this study.

Eric has written widely (books, papers and reports) on the development of social indicators and their use in the policy process (at national, EU and global levels), on comparative socio-economic analysis (especially on income, poverty and living conditions) and on international comparative social policy. For a full reference of these publications, see: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Eric_Marlier

Eric has, in addition, organised many international conferences in these various areas of research, and is regularly called on as an international advisor in social policy and in the implementation of comparative social surveys.


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  • ENASSP: Expert Network for Analytical Support in Social Policies

    Marlier, E. (PI), Guio, A.-C. (CoI), Baeten, R. (CoI), Baptista, I. (CoI), Fondeville, N. (CoI), Haagdorens, L. (CoI), Liberati, F. (CoI), Peña-Casas, R. (CoI), Schoukens, P. (CoI), Sementini, L. (CoI), Siarova, H. (CoI), Spasova, S. (CoI), Vandenbroeck, M. (CoI), Vanhercke, B. (CoI), Ward, T. (CoI), Jorgoni, E. (CoI), Fink, M. (CoI), Van Lancker, A. (CoI), Obradović, N. (CoI), Kirov, V. (CoI), Bežovan, G. (CoI), Kantaris, M. (CoI), Sirovátka, T. (CoI), Kvist, J. (CoI), Melesk, K. (CoI), Kangas, O. (CoI), Chevalier, T. (CoI), Hanesch, W. (CoI), Capella, A. (CoI), Tóth, I. G. (CoI), Olafsson, S. (CoI), Norris, M. (CoI), Jessoula, M. (CoI), Haxhikadrija, A. (CoI), Kļave, E. (CoI), Navicke, J. (CoI), Urbe, R. (CoI), Vassallo, M. (CoI), Lozan, O. (CoI), Kaludjerović, J. (CoI), Anderson, K. M. (CoI), Gerovska Mitev, M. (CoI), West Pedersen, A. (CoI), Chłoń-Domińczak , A. (CoI), Perista, P. (CoI), Pop, L. (CoI), Gerbery, D. (CoI), Stropnik, N. (CoI), Rodriguez Cabrero, G. (CoI), Nelson, K. (CoI), Adaman, F. (CoI), Bornukova, K. (CoI), Bennett, F. (CoI), Burazeri, G. (CoI), Musabelliu, E. (CoI), Riedel, M. (CoI), Cantillon, B. (CoI), Macq, J. (CoI), Schols, J. (CoI), Jusić, M. (CoI), Markova, E. (CoI), Yordanova, G. (CoI), Babić, Z. (CoI), Sućur, Z. (CoI), Andreou, S. N. (CoI), Koutsampelas, C. (CoI), Lalioti, V. (CoI), Jahoda, R. (CoI), Maly, I. (CoI), von Nordheim, F. (CoI), Kadarik, I. (CoI), Laurimäe, M. (CoI), Öeren, M. (CoI), Sepper, M.-L. (CoI), Kalliomaa-Puha, L. (CoI), Legros, M. (CoI), Martin, C. (CoI), Fachinger, U. (CoI), Gerlinger, T. (CoI), Economou, C. (CoI), Konstantinidou, D. (CoI), Theodoroulakis, M. (CoI), Bernát, A. (CoI), Gábos, A. (CoI), Kalotai, B. D. (CoI), Medgyesi, M. (CoI), Tomka, Z. B. (CoI), Stefansson, K. H. (CoI), Collins, M. (CoI), Cousins, M. (CoI), McMahon, D. (CoI), Pierce, M. (CoI), Natili, M. (CoI), Pavolini, E. (CoI), Raitano, M. (CoI), Mustafa, A. (CoI), Rajevska, F. (CoI), Rajevska, O. (CoI), Lazutka, R. (CoI), Siarova, H. (CoI), Zalimiene, L. (CoI), Baumann, M. (CoI), Bouchet, M. (CoI), Dibben, A. (CoI), Galea-Curmi, E. (CoI), Vella, S. (CoI), Dnestrean, T. (CoI), Timotin, A. (CoI), Golubovic, V. (CoI), Vukotic, M. (CoI), Tuytens, P. (CoI), van der Zwan, N. (CoI), Van Vliet, O. P. (CoI), Gjorgjev, D. (CoI), Skevik Grodem, A. (CoI), Sowa-Kofta, A. (CoI), Szarfenberg, R. (CoI), Cardoso, A. (CoI), Perista, H. (CoI), Farcasanu, D. O. (CoI), Urse (Pescaru), D. (CoI), Arandarenko, M. (CoI), Bajec, J. (CoI), Bednárik , R. (CoI), Polačková, Z. (CoI), Majcen, B. (CoI), Prevolnik Rupel , V. (CoI), Gonzáles de Durana , A. A. (CoI), Marbán Gallego , V. (CoI), Montserrat Codorniu, J. (CoI), Moreno Fuentes, F. J. (CoI), Fritzell, J. (CoI), Heap, J. (CoI), Palme, J. (CoI), Aslan, D. (CoI), Burcay Erus, B. (CoI), Sayan, S. (CoI), Nikolaieva, O. (CoI) & Vakhitova, G. (CoI)

    European Commission


    Projet: Recherche


    Sologon, D. (PI), Valentova, M. (CoI), Symonds, J. (Partner PI), Pollock, G. (Contracting Partner), Ecchia, G. (Contracting Partner), Babarovic, T. (Contracting Partner), Salmela-Aro, K. (Contracting Partner), Panico, L. (Contracting Partner), Walper, S. (Contracting Partner), Spiess, K. (Contracting Partner), Weber, W. (Contracting Partner), Das, M. (Contracting Partner), Currie, C. (Contracting Partner), Nicaise, I. (Contracting Partner), Mortelmans, D. (Contracting Partner), Saar, E. (Contracting Partner), Koronaiou, A. (Contracting Partner), Csoba, J. (Contracting Partner), Stasulane, A. (Contracting Partner), Cefai, C. (Contracting Partner), Skalicka, V. (Contracting Partner), de Almeida Alves, N. (Contracting Partner), Mihalik, J. (Contracting Partner), Gornik, B. (Contracting Partner), Bousselin, A. (CoI), Guio, A.-C. (CoI), Marlier, E. (CoI), Kruten, T. (CoI), Lomos, C. (CoI) & Peluso, E. (CoI)


    Projet: Recherche

  • LUCY - D: Luxembourg Child and Youth Dashboard

    Guio, A.-C. (PI) & Marlier, E. (CoI)


    Projet: Recherche

  • FSCG2: Second Feasibility Study for a Child Guarantee

    Guio, A.-C. (PI), Marlier, E. (CoI), Brozaitis, H. (CoI), Frazer, H. (CoI) & Ward, T. (CoI)

    European Commission


    Projet: Recherche

  • Child Guarantee: Study on the feasibility of a child guarantee for vulnerable children

    Marlier, E. (PI), Guio, A.-C. (CoI), Sementini, L. (CoI) & Frazer, H. (CoI)

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    Projet: Recherche