ICILS 2018 large-scale study

Détails du projet


This DIP represents one of the projects to be included in the Convention(s) Specifique(s) SCRIPT - LISER 2020. The International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS 2018) was conducted in 13 countries in 2018, including Luxembourg. ICILS is collected by IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Assessment) and it is a large-scale study, representative for the population of pupils in grade 8 in all countries. For Luxembourg, I am the National Research Coordinator and I coordinated the study (pilot phase in 2017 and main study in 2018). In 2020, SCRIPT wants to continue by performing different studies and research on this data. This will imply two tasks for this contract : one to continuously control and monitor the quality of the data; and second to contribute to the Bildungsbericht 2021 (Education Report for Luxembourg 2021) with the working title 'Ready for the future?' with a special focus on Digitalisation and Sustainability.
Les dates de début/date réelle1/01/2031/12/21


  • Ministère de l'Education nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse